Episode 21: Team Call for May 2018

This episode is our third corporate Team Call.  In this episode we talk a little about things coming up around the company — the GM plant shutdown timing and the work we have available, the vendor discount program (our supplier code is 854284), the new reference-based pricing program we are implementing in July, we’re looking for your ideas on our proposed new pet policy.

Please share this with others and if you have any feedback, please email me at jberlin@elhc.net or call me at 810-233-7331 ext 238.

Episode 20: Various topics, a little rambling, NAL/TOP news

This episode doesn’t really have a consistent theme, I’m kind of bouncing around to several different topics including the next Team Call, which is scheduled for next Wed., (5-16-18) at 1300 EST — the call in number is 267-930-4000 and use PIN: 721-724-708# to join the call.  Also, NAL and TOP will be relocating to a new building in Madison Heights sometime over the next 60 days.  We haven’t nailed down a final date yet because we’re just getting the process started but we are working now to get the process rolling.

There is a major DOT enforcement effort rolling across the USA on June 5th through the 7th.  During this time they will be focusing in on ELDs so we need to be prepared by having everything we need in place and functioning correctly.  If you need help using the QualCom systems for logs, please reach out to someone in safety for a little refresher training please.  You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear the safety metrics but there is a need for everyone to be checking lights and brakes — mainly lights — but our biggest failures are things we can easily review and correct so there really isn’t a good excuse to not do it.

Please make sure you send me any feedback or questions you may have at jberlin@elhc.net or feel free to stop by my office or call me at 810-233-7331 ext 238.  I know I’d love to hear from you with any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss.  Please share the podcast with others in the company to make sure everyone is up-to-speed witht he things going on and the improvements we are making.

Episode 19: Driver rate increases, building trust, safety metric results, GM work schedule

There is a ton of stuff in this week’s episode.  Obviously the big news of the day is the rate increases we were able to negotiate, OUTSIDE of our current contract, with our various customers, including GM.  There will be letters going out to everyone in the next few days talking about the details for the increases that will go into effect May 27th.  I also think it’s important to know that we are doing the best we can to be open, honest and build trust throughout the company.  I got some feedback last week that basically said they didn’t think the company was being honest and we didn’t keep our promises.  I’d challenge anyone to show me an example of that but more importantly, I continue to work hard every day to make sure our communication is open and honest and that we deliver on our promises.

Our latest safety metrics are available and I spend a little time talking about how we can do better.  I especially need help from our owner operator groups to make sure they are doing proper pre- and post-trip inspections and keeping up on making sure the lights are working on their trucks and that brakes are adjusted properly.

We got some updated news that the GM Flint work schedule is being changed from 5 weeks of down time to just 4 weeks of downtime — this is a very big improvement!  It’s not quite enough so we continue to look for drivers who will commit to going out for a week at a time and running some freight.  We won’t keep you out more than a week but we need some wheels to roll during that four week GM shutdown so please contact dispatch to confirm you are available.

As always, I can be reached at jberlin@elhc.net or via phone at 810-233-7331 ext 238 with any questions, rumors to be dispelled, comments or really just anything else at all.

Episode 18: Driver feedback questions answered, driver ambassador idea, dispelling some rumors about lanes being redesigned

In this episode of the ELH podcast I am pleased to announce that we finally got some feedback for things to discuss on the podcast.  We received some feedback from two drivers; one had some questions/concerns about ELDs and the other had some good advice for other drivers to help them be safer and improve the overall working environment for others.  I interviewed Rob Rushlo from the safety department to address the question about the ELDs and his comments will be very helpful in improving your understanding of the QualCom systems.  We have an idea for getting more drivers involved in the monthly driver recruiting and retention meetings along with anything we can do to get drivers to help us with our overall safety program and I’m asking for your help in coming up with a good way to get this accomplished.  Finally, I spend a little time dispelling some of the rumors that I’ve heard floating around about freight lanes going away and new lanes being added.  Overall, this was a very fun and informative episode and I hope you’ll share it with others.

As always, please provide any feedback you can directly to me at jberlin@elhc.net, via phone at 810-233-7331 ext 238 or through Michelle or the HR department.

Episode 17: Team Call from April 18, 2018

This episode is the company Team Call recorded on Wednesday, April 18th 2018.

If you have any feedback, please contact me at jberlin@elhc.net or via phone at 810-233-7331 ext 238.

Episode 15: Performance reviews return, driver improvements continue and intro to reference based pricing for health insurance

In this episode of the ELH Podcast we discuss the long-overdue return of consistent employee performance reviews using the new Paylocity platform.  It has been entirely too long since we consistently completely employee performance reviews and that is entirely my fault.  Kristina has been working really hard to get this process reestablished and we finally have some timing on this — the beginning of May.  If you are in a supervisory role, there will be some training on this system around the middle of April and we expect notices to go out to employees the first of May.

You asked for it and we heard you.  We got 5th wheel grease packets available at all the terminals, driver access to restroom facilities at the Flint terminal has been fixed/improved, trailer pads have been cut and placed at the Flint and Wentzville parking areas, porta-johns installed at the Holiday yard in Flint and office/driver area in Plymouth renovation is coming shortly.

We spend a little time introducing referenced based insurance pricing.  A much more detailed explanation of this process will be coming when Kristina Lemons, our HR Director is interviewed around the middle of April but I wanted to spend a minute or two introducing it so when we roll this out you’ll have had time to formulate any questions you may have regarding the program.  The ultimate goal of this is to reduce cost and improve care so please send us your questions — again, if you have them you can be sure other people will have them too.

Finally, the next Team Call is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18th at 1300 EST.  To get on the call, please dial 267-930-4000 and enter PIN 721-724-708#.  If you have questions you’d like us to discuss, please feel free to send them to me at jberlin@elhc.net or call me at 810-233-7331 ext 238.