Episode 5: Interview with Driver Advocate

In this episode of the ELH Podcast, I interview Michelle O’Neal.  Michelle is in the newly-created position of Driver Advocate.  We know that if we are going to grow Chieftain, we absolutely must do a better job of meeting our driver’s needs.  Michelle’s role with Chieftain is to be the voice of the driver so the company thoroughly “hears” what we can do to make things better.  She also will serve to help drivers navigate the various departments of the company that impact the driver’s time with the company.  Rather than wondering what department can help solve a problem a driver is experiencing, Michelle can either point them in the right direction or simply step in and help with the solution.

We have discussed in previous episode how important driver’s are to the continued success and growth of the company so in this episode we help show a little more of that overall commitment.  As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any comments or questions at 810-233-7331 ext 238 or via email at jberlin@elhc.net.

Episode 4: Customer Service

In this episode of the ELH podcast I discuss customer service.  I discuss the differences between internal and external customers and why both are important.  Growing any company requires a focus on customers but most only focus on the external customers and forget there are important people in their own organization that help provide ultimate value to the external customers.

In our organization, internal customers are extremely important and it would benefit everyone to remember that and try to improve how we treat others within our own company.

Episode 3: New Trucks

In this episode I talk about the new trucks we received in 2016 and 2017 and some things we can all do to make them work for us just a little better.  There is also some encouragement for those who are driving the new trucks to take just a little extra time to make sure they stay nice.

The primary reason for this podcast in the first place is for us to be able to communicate.  I spend a little time discussing what communication is and why it is so important.  Communication is a two-way street, it’s not just me pushing information to you, it’s the feedback and questions that you send that keep the discussion flowing and information getting successfully passed.

As always, please contact me with any questions at 810-233-7331 ext 238 or via email at jberlin@elhc.net.

Episode 2: Company and Divisions

In this episode of the podcast, I spent some time talking about the various divisions of the company and talking about how the entire company has grown over the years.  Sometimes understanding the history of something can help build an appreciation for the hard work and effort that has gone into it.  Obviously everyone will have different opinions of how the growth looked from their perspective at the company but in this episode I try to spend a little time explaining what it looked like from my perspective.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Podcast

Please see the very first, introductory episode of the ELH podcast.  In this episode I discuss the basic reason for the podcast being published/produced in the first place.  Obviously communication modes have become easier and more plentiful as technology improves but that doesn’t really mean that actual communication happens any better.  We try very hard to get information about the company to everyone through the newsletter, the website, home mailers and others methods but it never ceases to amaze me how many people still get missed on a regular basis with the information that is most important.

I’ll try very diligently to get an episode per week published with the latest updates and company information.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or any topics you’d like to have me discuss.  I can be reached via phone at 810-233-7331 ext 238 or via email at jberlin@elhc.net.